Duct Tape Wart Removal – Step By Step

A virus recognized as HPV is what triggers warts to develop. The doctor will probably tell you to make use of surgical operations in order to get rid of your warts.

However, these surgical operations tend to be too expensive and leave behind nasty scars. Natural wart removers are the much safer and lower priced option, which is why many men and women would rather do that than surgical procedures. Probably the most well-liked and most beneficial natural removal strategies involves implementing duct tape.

The Important Points on Duct Tape

Research that has been performed throughout the years has proven that duct tape is one of the most powerful natural approaches to eliminate warts. In one study researchers compared the duct tape procedure to the surgical treatment known as cryotherapy.

At the end of the study 85% of the individuals that obtained the duct tape strategy eradicated their warts. Meanwhile merely 60% of all folks treated with cryotherapy accomplished the wanted results. The important thing about using duct tape for your warts is that it doesn’t result in scarring or pain a lot like surgical methods.

How Does Duct Tape Get the job done?

There are a couple of main reasons why medical doctors believe duct tape is so effective in removing warts. The primary reason is because the wart cells are destroyed due to no oxygen getting to the area that is afflicted.

The other main reason is because of the fact that the duct tape will make your body’s immune system continue to work harder to do away with the virus triggering the warts. In either case, duct tape is a good wart removal method that performs if you accordingly put it to use.

How To Utilize The Duct Tape Method

A ton of folks have trouble with utilizing duct tape to get rid of their warts because they do not understand how to go about it. To efficiently use this natural wart removal strategy you will need to apply a little bit of duct tape over the affected region and leave it there for 6 days.

You need to make certain the piece of duct tape you use is big enough to completely cover the warts on the skin you’re targeting. As soon as six days went by it is time to get rid of the tape and wash off the affected spot. Do this again for six days the following day.  Check out http://wartremovalexperts.com where they have more details on this.

On the seventh day once you remove the duct tape you need to use a pumice stone or emery board to scrub the area affected to take off the dead skin cells. You’ll want to do this duct tape technique for at the very least 14 days to notice a difference.

Many times it could take near a couple months to completely eliminate your warts utilizing duct tape. Sometimes when you perform this removal method the tape will drop off in the 6 day course. If the tape does drop off you must instantly replace it as the idea is to suffocate the warts by keeping oxygen from reaching them.

As soon as the root of your wart can be viewed is the only time you should quit utilizing the duct tape strategy. You will definitely ruin all of the success you have made since you started off treating yourself if you stop before the root is exposed.

The only time you should keep using duct tape is if you do not see any symptoms of inflammation throughout the affected area where the warts are positioned. This method does not work for every individual that efficiently, although duct tape is quite beneficial.


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